5 reasons why Ultrabase® may be the emollient you never knew you needed

Choosing an emollient can be difficult, particularly when there are so many out there to choose from! Whether it is to keep your skin hydrated, refreshed or just to soothe spontaneous flare-ups of itchy skin conditions, everyone has a different reason as to why they choose their emollient.

At SK1N, we have an emollient that may be just what you are looking for. Ultrabase® is an emollient cream that that can help to alleviate and relieve the problems associated with dry, irritated and delicate skin.

Ultrabase® has some essential qualities, which makes it a popular choice amongst those with dry skin:

It’s got a pleasant scent

With its pleasant aroma, Ultrabase® is popular amongst those who don’t want an emollient that smells clinical. With hints of rose and citrus, Ultrabase® is an emollient that is designed for you to enjoy the whole experience of using it.

It’s soothing and hydrating

Ultrabase® can be used on the body and hands, which can make it ideal for total coverage. The elements within Ultrabase® result in leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

It locks in moisture

Using emollients, like Ultrabase®, can ensure that moisture is maintained in the outer layer of the skin. It can also replace lost natural oils (which can cause dry skin), keeping your skin moisturised and refreshed.

It absorbs easily

Unlike some emollients, Ultrabase® absorbs easily into the skin, leaving your skin grease-free and feeling silky and smooth.

It’s easy to use

Ultrabase® is available in a 500g pump pack, making the application of the emollient as easy as possible. Because it comes in this pump pack, there is a low risk of cross contamination.

Ultrabase® is a popular alternative for those who want to be able to enjoy their emollient, particularly if there is an increase in the number of applications. To apply effectively, smoothly apply to the skin as often as needed.

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ULTRABASE® – Abbreviated Prescribing Information can be found here.