From summer redness to winter dryness, itchy and irritated skin, and from simple cooling to total cover up, sk1n have something to offer.

Blemishes, scarring, lesions, minor burns, sunburn, vitiligo, minor wounds, rashes, nappy rash or even unwanted tattoos, just some of the sometimes debilitating conditions that can affect quality of life. Specialised products are the most effective in these scenarios. Here at Sk1n we offer a range of trusted dermatological solutions.

Menthoderm® is a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free menthol in aqueous cream which can be used to soothe and cool heated, dry, irritated and itchy skin conditions.Menthoderm® has a unique formula, with two preservatives, which provides double the protection and helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination, especially if hygiene is an issue. The preservative Undecylenic Acid also helps to protect dry and irritated skin.

Covermark® is a world leader in cosmetic camouflage and has a prestigious history of more than 80 years. It is a specialised camouflage make-up, which contains substantially more pigments in its preparation compared to ordinary fluid foundations.Covermark® Foundation is 100% water and sweat-proof, lasting 24 hours, and provides SPF 30 with natural filters which are highly recommended for sensitive skin. Furthermore, one of Covermark’s great advantages is that all product claims are proven and substantiated by clinical studies.Covermark® Finishing Powder is a silky, loose, setting powder applied after Covermark® Foundation to set the foundation on the skin and render a matte, natural-looking result all day long.