Sk1n the number one in skin

Sk1n the number one in skin

The Number 1 in skin…your fingertip access to the wide range of trusted dermatological solutions offered by Derma UK, the company dedicated to the health of the body’s largest single organ – the skin.

Our heritage

Formed in 2001, Derma UK has the goal of helping the Health Care Professional maintain access to a range of trusted dermatological products, including some that may possibly have become unavailable due to production cost implications.

Derma UK has now created to ensure that products that simply work, are cooling and soothing, that treat the rough with the smooth or even cover up completely are just a few clicks away.

Our products

From summer redness to winter dryness, itchy and irritated skin, and from simple cooling to total cover up, sk1n have something to offer.

Blemishes, scarring, lesions, minor burns, sunburn, vitiligo, minor wounds, rashes, nappy rash or even unwanted tattoos, just some of the sometimes debilitating conditions that can affect quality of life. Specialised products are the most effective in these scenarios. Here at sk1n we offer a range of trusted dermatological solutions.

Offers & Info

We will regularly keep you updated on sk1n offers and what’s new in skin care.

One we hope you will enjoy is our sk1n tip for concealing tattoos! Wanted or not, we have techniques that will ensure your tattoo is never left exposed. If you want any more advice on specialist makeup for tattoo cover up, do not hesitate to call and talk with a specialist on +44 (0)191 375 9020.

We at sk1n recognise that our customers require a choice when it comes to treating individual dermatological problems, and it is our aim to help maintain that choice and keep offering products that meet your needs and are at your fingertips.